Act of Remembrance outside Dover Harbour Board offices


Actor Neil Stuke (left) leading the Act of Remembrance

The Goodwin Sands SOS group held an Act of Remembrance today, outside Dover Harbour Board’s headquarters overlooking Dover harbour. The dignified service including a two-minute silence was lead by actor Neil Stuke, a staunch supporter of the campaign.

It should also act to remind Dover Harbour Board that many people feel very strongly that the graves of mariners and service personnel lying in the Goodwin Sands should not be disturbed.


Goodwin Sands SOS

Joanna Thomson and Esme Chilton from the Goodwin Sands SOS team

Wreaths were laid in memory of all the aircrews who lost their lives in and around the Goodwin Sands during times of combat and all the mariners who perished when their ships foundered on the Sands.We remember especially the two thousand men who died in one night during the Great Storm 26th November 1703.

Report from Meridian News

Individual crosses were laid in memory of the 21 pilots and crew from the Royal Air Force and Fleet Air Arm who crashed into the Goodwins during 1940 and who were never able to be recovered. We also remember those who also paid the ultimate price from Germany’s Luftwaffe. May they all rest in peace forever and their relatives be assured they will not be disturbed.



Aircrewman Unit
Sergeant Arrowsmith No. 139 Squadron
Sergeant Richard Bate No. 254 Squadron
Sub Lt Geoffrey Bulmer Fleet Air Arm
Flying Officer Graham Chambers No. 610 Squadron
Squadron Leader Cooke No. 65 Squadron
Flt Lieutenant John Cunnigham No. 603 Squadron
Sergeant Davidson No. 139 Squadron
Flying Officer Douglas Gamblen No. 610 Squadron
Pilot Officer Keith Gillman No. 32 Squadron
Leading Aircrewman Harrison No. 254 Squadron
Sergeant Frederick Hawley No. 266 Squadron
Squadron Leader Hendry No. 139 Squadron
Sq. Ldr Philip Hunter DSO No. 254 Squadron
Flying Officer John Kerr Wilson No. 610 Squadron
Pilot Officer Frederick King No. 254 Squadron
Flight Lieutenant Mark Kirkwood No. 603 Squadron
Sergeant James Love No. 254 Squadron
Flying Officer Lukaszewicz No. 501 Squadron
Sergeant Richard Roskrow No. 254 Squadron
Pilot Officer Roswadowski No. 151 Squadron
Pilot Officer Zenker No. 251 Squadron


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