Campaign Update June 2017

Dear Supporters,

The magnetometer survey of the Goodwin Sands, together with repeat side scan sonar, multi beam echo and sub bottom profiler surveys were completed during the month of May. The MMO have confirmed that the results, which should be available in August, will be the subject of an unprecedented, third, 42 day public consultation period.

We have requested from the MMO and Historic England that we be allowed to have the raw data from these surveys analysed independently as a quality control measure but to date have not received agreement.

We have made FOI requests to The Crown Estate (TCE) regarding the perceived conflict of interest between Royal Haskoning DHV’s two roles – one as manager of TCE’s seabed mineral resources and the other as Dover Harbour Board’s Environmental Impact Assessment consultants. TCE clearly see the Goodwins as a mineral resource to be exploited but they must prove that their position relating to RHDHV’s role on behalf of DHB is both impartial and transparent.

We are including a link to a video interview with Andy Brockman of The Pipeline Info which we hope you will find informative. Our bit starts at 28.15 minutes. Andy is a criminal archaeology journalist who has shown considerable interest in the campaign since its inception last summer.

Last but very much not least, are delighted to announce the addition of Nic Cobb of Cobb Energy Communications to the team as Public Affairs Manager. Nic is based in Dover and brings with him a decade of experience in the events, corporate and political communications industries. He also holds a number of positions in the charitable, political and heritage sectors.
We only have a couple of hundred more signatures to go before reaching 14,000 so please do keep sharing the link and encouraging everyone you know to support this very worthwhile campaign.

Thank you!

Joanna Thomson, Fiona Punter, Andy Ashenhurst and Nic Cobb

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