White paper on problems with geophysical surveys

Dear Goodwin Sands SOS Supporter,

Below is a link to a White Paper written by Pete Holt, Director of 3HConsulting Ltd and the SHIPS project, who is based in Plymouth.  We hope you will find it interesting reading.  This four page report highlights many of the problems associated with geophysical surveys, using evidence from London Gateway (Thames Estuary), Rame Head at Plymouth and the Goodwin Sands.  We instructed our lawyers, Richard Buxton Ltd, to send it to the MMO, Dover Harbour Board, MoD (JCCC) and Historic England.

The Suitability of Pre-Disturbance Geophysical Surveys for Underwater Cultural Heritage in England

Peter Holt is probably the only man in the country to appreciate both the intricacies of magnetometer surveys and our maritime heritage.  The fact that he is prepared to publicly state his opinion clearly demonstrates his conviction over the issue.

If you have a view about any of Peter’s comments we would be delighted if you would please find the time to write to Chris Pater, Head of Marine Planning at Historic England chris.pater@historicengland.org.uk We need to keep up the pressure on them!

Please remember that the petition is still active; we are inching our way towards the 14,000 mark (including our paper signatories) so do share it wide and far, leave no stone unturned. We would love to see it hit 15,000 by the summer!


Thank you as always for your continued support.


Joanna Thomson and Fiona Punter

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